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About James-Evan

James-Evan Gagliano has emerged as a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur in recent years. Since enrolling at Saint Leo University in the fall of 2021, he has taken on various roles on and off campus, balancing a multitude of responsibilities while pursuing a full-time Bachelor's Degree in Cybersecurity. Apart from his on-campus engagements, he has ventured into the world of entrepreneurship as the CEO of The Collegiate Networker and a full-time Realtor in Tampa, Florida. Embracing these diverse roles and challenges has played a pivotal role in shaping James-Evan's character, as he continuously seeks new opportunities and thrives on facing challenges.

During his time at Saint Leo University, James-Evan has held several significant positions, including being the President of Saint Leo Club Hockey, and the Treasurer of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

His passion for real estate has been a driving force beyond campus life. James-Evan joined LPT Realty in Tampa, Florida, as a Realtor, leveraging his networking skills to unlock numerous listings and business opportunities. His career took off swiftly, securing three listings right from the start and laying a strong foundation for his journey in the real estate industry. Seeking to further his expertise, he partnered with esteemed Realtor Shelly Sirak in the Treasure Coast area during the past summer. The invaluable mentorship from someone with over 25+ years of experience has imparted James-Evan with crucial skills to boost his success in real estate. Throughout the summer, he actively participated in over 12+ real estate transactions, working closely with various agents, multiple clients, title companies, preparing contracts, and managing paperwork. The guidance and friendship of Shelly Sirak have been pivotal in shaping James-Evan's growth and confidence as a young professional in the industry.

An integral part of James-Evan's journey has been his mastery of networking. Recognizing its significance, he co-founded The Collegiate Networker alongside Commissioner Diego Rojas, with a shared mission to enhance students' networking skills on a global scale. Together, they developed a comprehensive 2+ hour course on mastering the art of networking, benefiting countless individuals. James-Evan's dedication to helping students worldwide extends to organizing live interaction workshops at various universities, including Saint Leo. Collaborating closely with the institution, he strives to enhance each student's networking abilities, aspiring to create master networkers one student at a time.

In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors, James-Evan remains deeply committed to his roles at Saint Leo University. As President of Saint Leo Hockey, he invests his summer planning the club's upcoming year, coordinating Collegiate Exhibition games at Advent Health CenterIce and ensuring its continued success. Simultaneously, as Treasurer of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, he skillfully strategizes new budgets, fostering the fraternity's financial growth and supporting exciting events.

James-Evan's journey exemplifies resilience, dedication, and an unwavering pursuit of personal and professional growth. His passion for hockey, real estate, and networking has driven him to become a well-rounded and accomplished young entrepreneur, making a positive impact in various spheres of his life and inspiring others along the way.

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