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Saint Leo

Life at Saint Leo University

James-Evan has grown at Saint Leo University to where he is now apart of a plethora of organazations while chasing a Bachelor's degree in CyberSecurtiy. During his time at Saint Leo, James-Evan has challengened himself to expand himself to grow into multiple different roles. James-Evan has devleoped many great relationships at Saint Leo University that has helped him exoand his network. One of the main reasons James-Evan has flourished at Saint Leo is because of how the faculity and staff at Saint Leo is so warm welcoming. Their constant drive to help students like James-Evan achieve their dreams are endless. James-Evan is currently entering his Junior year of college and his looking forward to a great year.


I am thrilled to announce my acceptance into Tampa Bay Chamber Collegiate Leadership for the upcoming school year. I am humbled to be apart of this prestigious program and looking forward to new experiences!

When reflecting on this past school year, I am beyond grateful to think about all that has happened. Coming into my junior year, I had hopes of another great school year at Saint Leo, and I have been blessed to experience another exceptional year filled with a plethora of memories. From joining eXp Realty in collaboration with John Rurkowski, to launching The Collegiate Networker with my business partner Diego Rojas, to competing against Power 5 schools in hockey, and networking with new connections, this past year has allowed me to grow and create meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime. Junior year has taught me so much about myself and has pushed me out of my comfort zone every day. I am grateful for Saint Leo University and everything it has brought me, and I am eagerly looking forward to my senior year this upcoming fall.


Last Wednesday, I had the great opportunity to take the ice at Amalie Arena, the home of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be out there with Saint Leo Hockey and Jesuit High School of Tampa, FL. A huge thank you to the Tampa Bay Lightning for having us!

Recently, James-Evan had the pleasure of meeting with Commissioner Ron Oakley, the esteemed Commissioner of Pasco County District 1. Serving since 2016, Commissioner Oakley's deep understanding of community dynamics and unwavering commitment to fostering growth was truly inspiring.


Their conversation revolved around dynamic approaches to bridge gaps within our community and create meaningful opportunities for Saint Leo students to actively engage with the local area.


Commissioner Oakley's wealth of experience and dedication was evident as we discussed strategies aimed at building stronger bonds within our neighborhoods and providing Saint Leo students with enriching experiences that contribute to their holistic development.


James-Evan is excited to put into action the insightful ideas we discussed, aiming to create a more interconnected and supportive environment for all community members. A heartfelt thank you to Commissioner Oakley for his invaluable guidance and dedication to empowering our community. Looking forward to a future of collaboration and progress!

It was an honor to speak this past weekend as we inaugurated our new Greek Benches. Student Government, led by Dr. Anthony Desantis, did a phenomenal job crafting these benches. 

I'm excited to see them foster unity within Greek Life at Saint Leo University.


Involvement Updates

President of Saint Leo Hockey: Currently, James-Evan has been using this summer to plan out the upcoming year for the Hockey Club. The Saint Leo Club Hockey team is looking to spend their fall season at Advent Health Center Ice. During this time, President Gagliano has been reaching out to multiple universities to schedule collegiate exhibition games for the upcoming year. Saint Leo Club Hockey is looking forward to their games at Advent Health Center Ice

Treasurer of Sigma Alpha Epsilon: After a successful year as Treasurer, James-Evan has been planning new budgets to introduce to the fraternity chapter. These budgets aim to help grow their wealth and enable them to host a multitude of great events.

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